Virtually every grooming facility has a price for a basic groom and then up charges you to a “Spa or Premium Package” for usually an extra $20 or more.  This is where you are charged extra just to use a halfway decent shampoo and conditioner, scented cologne, nail smoothing (dremeling), and maybe a bow or bandana.  Our grooming prices are at or lower than these shops starting basic grooming prices with one HUGE difference.  Every groom we do is a Spa or Premium Groom, except we don’t upcharge you!  We use only the best all natural products on the market from Eqyss, and Show Season.  The shampoos and conditioners we use every day, on every pet are better than what other shops up-charge for.   Also, we don’t charge more for facials, specialized shampoos for fleas, or sensitive skin.  There is no reason to charge you $6 - $10 for what costs us pennies.  Every owner chooses  a scented cologne and we smooth every nail we cut.  All of this means you get the most and the very best for much less at Sandy Pawz Dog House.

  small dog        
Service Small Medium Large X-Large Giant
 Hair Length Short Hair Long Hair Short Hair Long Hair Short Hair Long Hair Short Hair Long Hair Short Hair Long Hair
Bath & Brush $35 $45 $45 $55 $55 $70 $60 $80 $65 $85
Add On De-Shedding $10 $20 $15 $30 $20 $45 $25 $55 $30 $70
Full Groom $60 $60 $70 $70 $85 $85 $95 $95 $100 $100

A La Carte

Toothbrushing $14.00
Nail Trim and Smoothing $14.00
Anal Glands $14.00
Ear Cleaning $14.00
Nail Polish $14.00

Bath and Brush

Best Value in Town

Includes Bath, Blow Dry, Brushing, Sanitary Trim, Anal Gland Expression, Ear Cleaning, Nail Trimming and Smoothing, Teethbrushing, Blueberry Facial and Bows or Bandana! Flea and tick bath included if requested or if fleas or ticks are present on your pet.

De-Shedding: Add on to the Bath and Brush or Full Groom. Furminator De-shedding Shampoo and Conditioner that releases undercoat. Specialized brushing that removes shedding hair and reduces shedding.

Other Treatments

Treatment Additional Cost
De-matting $10 per 15 minutes
De-skunking $25.00

Full Groom

Best Value in Town

All the services of the Bath and Brushout plus breed or owner specified haircut and style with clippers and scissors.

Cat Grooming Bath and Brush Add On De-Shedding  Full Groom 
Price/hair Length Short Hair $55  Short Hair $20  Short Hair $70  
   Long Hair $65 Long Hair $35 Long Hair $80