• Doggie Daycare

    For the Love of a Social and Excercised Dog.

    Dogs are social 'pack' animals, and can have a difficult time when left alone. When left alone at home, dogs can act out and possibly resort to destructive behaviors. Doggy Daycare is a great alternative! At Sandy Pawz Dog House, your dog will play and gain valuable socialization skills. They will come home happy, exercised and relaxed.

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  • Grooming

    For the Love of a Clean and Healthy Dog.

    Regular Grooming is essential for a pet to look good and more importantly, feel good. We provide a safe, caring environment at extremely straight forward competitive prices and our groomers are professionals who love animals and love what they do. At Sandy Pawz Dog House, we use all natural products that are good for you, your pet, and the Earth.

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  • Training

    For the Love of a Confident and Well Behaved Dog

    Training dogs and owners together is critical. This builds confidence and strengthens the bond between the dog and owner. The time you spend training with your dog is an integral, fun and rewarding experience that will last a lifetime.

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  • Boarding

    For the Love of Your Peace of Mind.

    We understand you need to trust and have confidence in where you leave your four legged family member while away from home. We offer a state of the art climate controlled facility, with daycare camp during the day and private suites at night and always supervised 24/7.

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  • Retail

    For the Love of Great Quality at a Great Price

    We are proud partners with some of the very best brands and products in the pet industry and our prices are always the lowest. From toys to treats you can always find the best products that won't take a bite out of your wallet

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Our Mission

store frontPlace: We offer a clean, safe, and friendly shop. You can always count on us to take care of your four legged family member as if it were our own. We offer a great location at the corner of Nordahl and Route 78 in San Marcos right across from Walmart, Costco and Kohls. It is an incredibly convenient location for our customers whether on their way to and from work or shopping. Please stop by, we'll be happy to show you around.

People: It's about trust! Our team is experienced, passionate and knowledgeable. We really care about you and your pet. It personally matters to us that you have confidence every time when you entrust us with your pet. We understand ours is a service business and look forward to serving you. Our secret is we get to play with dogs all day everyday and love it!!

Price: Before I opened we looked very closely at the competition and I knew right away that we would do things very differently. From that experience and my own as a dog owner it felt like the industry and system was designed to be very vague, prey on your love by gouging you for extras. Whether it be Grooming, Boarding, Daycare, Training or our retail products our pricing is upfront and all inclusive with very few exceptions. Check out our "Services" pages and we encourage you to compare not only price, but most importantly what you get for that price which is always the best . We promise you will get the most and the very best for much less

Products: Only the best and all hand picked by Sandy. There is so much out there on the market so we've done the work to pick the best (that does not mean most expensive), safest and healthiest products for your pet.