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Sandy Pawz Dog House Newsletter – August 2016

Aug 4, 2016 |
Pet of the month

Sandy Pawz Dog House August 2016 Newsletter Its Hot Out There!! As Buster Poindexter sang in 1987, it’s “Hot, hot, hot”!  Two legged and four legged beings are trying to find ways to cool off anywhere from going to the beach or pool to eating cooling treats.  So in honor of cooling off, here’s a recipe […more]

Sandy Pawz Dog House Newsletter – April 2016

Aug 4, 2016 |
Pet of the month photo

Sandy Pawz Dog House April 2016 Newsletter It’s that time of year again; it’s our anniversary!  We’ve been open for four years and we’re so thankful to our wonderful customers who have helped make this possible.  To celebrate we’re taking 50% off selected retail items for the month of April.  All other retail items are […more]

Sandy Pawz Dog House Newsletter – February 2016

Mar 10, 2016 |

Sandy Pawz Dog House February 2016 Newsletter Did you know that February is National Pet Dental Health Month?  It’s just as important to care for our pet’s teeth as it is to care for your own.  According to the American Veterinarian Dental Society more than 70% of cats and 80% of dogs will develop periodontal […more]

September 2014 Newsletter – Sandy Pawz Dog House

Sep 4, 2014 |
Dog of the Month

Sandy Pawz Dog House September 2014 Newsletter Itch, itch, itch.  Scratch, scratch, scratch.  Bite, bite, bite.  Lick, lick, lick.  Do you see your dog doing a lot of this lately?  If you answered yes, there’s a good chance your dog is suffering from allergies.  Allergies are very common this time of year and with the dry […more]

May 2014 Newsletter – For Sandy Pawz Dog House

May 3, 2014 |
Rocky Somera

Sandy Pawz Dog House May 2014 Newsletter For many people May means Spring cleaning. We chase the dust bunnies from under the beds, pull the cobwebs off the curtains, and give every floor and surface a good scrubbing, giving everything a new, clean, fresh feeling. It’s a great way to kick off Spring, but if […more]