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May 3, 2014 |

Sandy Pawz Dog House May 2014 Newsletter
For many people May means Spring cleaning. We chase the dust bunnies from under the beds, pull the cobwebs off the curtains, and give every floor and surface a good scrubbing, giving everything a new, clean, fresh feeling. It’s a great way to kick off Spring, but if we have pets in the house we must be careful about our choice of supplies, or at least make sure our pets don’t come in contact with anything that could harm them. These days there are many “green” cleaning supplies that are better for the environment as well as us and our pets. However, if you prefer the “old school” methods, be sure to take precautions with your pets. Happy Spring!

Tip of the Month
It’s here again; flea season.  Here are some tips to help you fight the never-ending flea battle.  1) Get rid of fleas in all the life cycles, not just adult.  2) Don’t wait until your pet starts scratching.  Routinely check your pet for fleas and flea dirt.  If fleas or flea dirt are found, bathe the pet with a quality flea shampoo (we recommend Eqyss), wash all bedding the pet comes in contact with, and vacuum all floors.  3) Use preventative medicine year round.  4) When all else fails, seek professional help.

Pet of the Month

Rocky Somera

Rocky Somera







What’s New at Sandy Pawz Dog House
Sandy Pawz Dog House is happy to announce that we now carry Taste of the Wild puppy food and cat food.  Just like the adult dog food, they are grain, corn, and soy free.  If you’re looking for a good, quality food to give your puppy , dog, or cat, Taste of the Wild is a great choice.  We always have the lowest price on Taste of the Wild and, if you purchase a bag in the month of May, we’ll take 10% off.  Also don’t forget we’ve added boarding and are starting to fill up already for spring and summer events, holidays and vacations!

Best Deal Ever When you Sign up for Training!
Sign up for an individual or group training valued at $100 or more and take $50 worth of merchandise off our clearance table!

Recent Obedience Graduates

  • Rocky Somera – Intermediate Obedience
  • Enzo Christ Pham – Intermediate Obedience

Check out pictures of our graduates on our Facebook at Sandy Pawz Dog House!

Training Tip…”What Would Sandy Say?”
Does your dog have a tendency to sit on your foot or lean on your leg?  If your answer is yes, this is a behavior you want to stop now.  It’s called social recruiting and it could lead to owner possessiveness and fear behaviors.  When you dog leans or sits on you, simply move away so he/she is not touching you.  Be consistent and your dog will get the message.

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Quote of the Month
“Rambunctious, rumbustious, delinquent dogs become angelic when sitting.”  Dr. Ian Dunbar

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